Monday, May 13, 2013

Wooden Tray and a Little Toy Organization

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope all of you moms out there enjoyed your special day yesterday.  Hopefully there was time spent eating bon bons with your feet propped up.  Mine started out with coffee and breakfast in bed, thanks to my sweet husb, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I also spent some time rearranging a few of Charley's toys around the house.  I think it's good to switch things up every now and then to keep it fresh and her interest high.  I didn't put anything new or different out, I just displayed some things in a different way. 

Last week Charley and I were browsing T.J. Maxx and I found this wooden tray.  I liked the shape and size and twine handles, but I didn't love the color.  Nothing a little spray paint couldn't take care of, though.  That's definitely something to keep in the front of your mind when you're shopping or thrifting.  Try to see past the color of something because spray paint can do wonders. 

The tray quickly turned to white and it now holds some mirrored blocks on our fireplace.  Charley got those blocks for her birthday but she didn't choose to play with them a whole lot.  They were stored in a bigger felt basket, not out in plain sight.  I'm thinking the shallow tray will help draw her attention to the blocks.  Maybe so much so that she won't think about ripping the protective foam off of the bricks.  Wishful thinking.

The white tray almost blends right into the fireplace, so from far away it's barely noticeable.

Pretty much everywhere you turn in our main living space you can find Charley's toys, disguised in some way.  Like the basket of instruments under our coffee table, and the tea party set by the kitchen table.

The basket by the kitchen table actually serves two purposes.  One is to obviously store some toys, but it's mainly there to block the lamp cord that's plugged into the wall.  Let's hope out of sight out of mind seriously works.

Anyone else have some clever ways to store/display/hide/organize toys around the house?  Please share because organizing tricks never get old! Pin It

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