Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goodwill Hunting: A New Series

A couple weeks ago I asked readers to share what they'd like to see in year two on this little blog of mine, and the popular response was more thrift finds and more befores/afters.  I heard you loud and clear which lead me to start a new series of posts all in the name of thrifting.  I bring to you, Goodwill Hunting.  As in, the thrift store kind of Goodwill and the searching though piles of crap kind of hunting.  I'll go to a thrift store, hunt for treasures, and share pics of my loot in a post.  I may find things I love so much that I'll bring home with me, but I may just snap some pics along the way of things I like or think would be fun to buy, even if I don't have a place for them in my own home.  As for more befores/afters posts, perhaps I'll find so many furniture treasures on my thrifting adventures that I'll have to buy them, bring them home, paint them (or whatever), write about them, and then sell them when I run out of room in my house.  You never know.

Let's get started with post numero uno of Goodwill Hunting.  This isn't exactly a thrift store find, but it very well could have been.  I found this picnic table at an antique shop.  I'm just going to lump antique shops into this little series on thrifting, mmm k? 

When I saw it, I immediately sent a pic to B.J. in hopes he would think it was as perfect for Charley as I did.  Spoiler alert, he did. 

I would have liked to sand all the paint off and stain the wood for a more natural look, but with all of those nooks and crannies I took the easier route, aka spray paint.  I wanted to keep it neutral solely because our deck is very visible from the family room.  I didn't want some crazy colored table being a huge eye sore from the inside.  With hesitation, I decided on black.  I'm still a little unsure of my choice, but it is what it is.

I topped it with a watering can and pretend flowers for Charley.  I think once I freshen up the deck with new cushions, pillows, plants and flowers, the picnic table will look right at home. 

Apparently Libby didn't get the memo that it's not time for a picnic.  How does she sneak into so many blog pics, anyway? 

That brings the first post of this new series to a close.  I hope to be back next week with Goodwill Hunting number two.  As if I need a reason to go to a thrift shop... Pin It


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  2. Love it, and love Libby in the pics too! Its almost like a Where's Waldo! :)

  3. You should start your own boutique business, selling your "after" pieces.