Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goodwill Hunting: Floor Lamp

Last week I started a new series of posts called Goodwill Hunting, all devoted to sharing thrift shop finds, and today I'm back with round number two.  I recently went thrifting with my friend Asha and neither one of us left empty handed.  (For the local peeps, we were at a place called The Treasure Barn in Monroe). 

Asha scored a really small chest of drawers that she plans to use for her daughter's doll clothes or possibly art and writing materials.  It was a seriously good find.  It could totally work in a small bathroom to hold soaps and towels, as well.

I walked away with a set of three small, metal trays ($2), a wooden bowl thing ($1), and a brass floor lamp ($20).

The wooden bowl will most likely be used for jewelry and I'm not really sure what I'll do with the trays yet. Whatever I do will probably involve spray paint or fabric and mod podge.  Although, I think one would look right at home as-is on a vintage inspired gallery wall, similar to the one below from Blushing Apples.  B.J. is probably cringing at the thought of that. 

A charmingly vintage gallery wall.

As for the floor lamp, it didn't stay in it's original state for very long.  My first thought was to paint it bronze, or something similar, but then I thought it wouldn't pop enough.  I opted to give black a try because I had leftover spray paint from Charley's picnic table.  I wiped it down and primed it first. 

When the lamp was still outside I loved the look of it all sleek and black.  But when I put it next to the chair inside, it looked too college-y to me.

I wanted the lamp to stand out, but something wasn't working for me.  I left it black for a couple days and still didn't love it.  I ended up repainting it using Rustoleum's Aged Copper.  I didn't prime it again, so it was a super quick process.

I have a much better feeling when I look at my new thrifted lamp now.  I think it fits perfectly next to that small chair, like it was meant to be there all along.

Let me refresh your memory on what it looked like before, just for fun.

Oh, spray paint, you do wonders.  So, have you scored any sweet thrift shop finds lately?  Do tell! 
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