Friday, May 17, 2013


I've been busy framin' and hangin' photos in our entryway hall.  The family photo gallery wall has turned into gallery walls.  I recently got some prints made from our documentary photography session with Ben Elsass Photography.  I got the prints and one day later they were on the wall.  I just couldn't wait.

Originally, I was going to add them to the existing gallery but realized it would make more sense to start on the blank walls.  There were enough photos to frame and group together so they didn't seem out of place on the wall.  There's definitely more room to grow, which is a good thing because we're obsessed with pictures of Charley.  and Libby.  and Charley and Libby together.

Are you ready for lots of pictures of pictures?  Brace yourself.

How could I not zoom in on this cuteness?  Yep, I'm pulling icing out of Charley's hair after she destroyed her 1st birthday cake.

And Charley hugging Libby?  The sweetness is too much to handle.

My hope is that all the adorable pics of Charley will distract people from the banister that is STILL brown and the light fixture that sticks out like a sore thumb.  Here's to hoping.

How about you?  Any unfinished projects staring you in the face?  Summer break is just around the bend so hopefully I can tackle some larger projects soon.  Happy Friday!
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