Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back Deck Progress

Summer is just around the corner and our deck was in need of a spruce up.  It's definitely not complete but I made some progress this past week.  Last time we chatted about the deck, the sitting area looked like this...

I freshened it up with new pillows and a hanging planter filled with pink flowers.

I love that the flowers are out of Charley's and Libby's reach, which means they might actually survive the summer.  The planter was only $11 at Lowes and it was super easy to attach, which makes it that much better.  In the short time since I snapped these pics, we've actually hung three more planters around the deck.  Such an easy way to add life and color.

I also added some flowers and a lantern to the table and new seat cushions for some of the chairs.  Four of the six chairs haven't had appropriate cushions for the last two years, so they were due for something comfy.

I bought a hanging fern that has yet to be hung, so that's on the to do list.  I need to get my hands on a drill with a concrete drill bit before I can mark that off.  I'd also love to hang some small planters on the wall for herbs, but that may or may not happen. 

And just for fun, let's take a vote.  I was thinking about painting the door frame.  A fresh coat of paint would probably do wonders for it, but I'm just not sure.  That's where you come in.  What do you think?  Yes or no? Pin It


  1. Yes, I think this will be a good way to freshen up this outdoor space!

  2. Looks great! Paint -- absolutely!