Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Antique Buffet

Psst...the wonderful Deme from Fresh Coat of Paint featured Charley's playroom on her Reader Spot series.  You can check out the post here!  Thanks, Deme!

Let me introduce to you the newest member of our furniture family...this beautiful buffet.  I'm completely smitten and I have to refrain from staring at it  I'm not even kidding, I stared at it for twenty minutes straight the other night, envisioning how it will make our dining room a much happier place.  It's just what I need to get my butt moving on the dining room makeover.  I love it so much I'm willing to start painting trim again.  That's serious stuff. 

I first laid eyes on this orangy-red buffet at an antique shop in my hometown of Springboro, Ohio.  I stopped in one afternoon last week after my dentist appointment.  It was just me so I was able to browse around at my own pace.  I saw the buffet sitting there so I stopped to admire it for a bit.  It didn't have a price tag so I snapped a photo and went on about my search.  I found a small wooden doll bed, similar to this larger one I painted for Ava, for five bucks and it was perfect size for Charley's doll.  When I was checking out I showed the lady the picture of the buffet on my phone to see if she knew the price.  She did some investigating and found out it was $225.  A great deal for a nice piece of furniture, however, I didn't plan on spending that kind of money when I stopped to browse. 

I am not good at wheeling and dealing, but for some reason I asked the guy if that price was firm.  I've found that that question is the easiest way to start negotiating.  Unfortunately he said yes, the price was firm.  So I left.  Fast forward seven hours and I was still thinking about it.  The guy gave me his card in case I changed my mind.  After talking to B.J. we decided the price was too good to pass up.  Especially since similar pieces are going for 400-600 dollars.  The next day, I offered 175 and he came back with 195.  Sold. 

And that's where we live happily ever after.  Except, check out the inside of the drawer.

Yikes, right?!  I really wanted to switch over stuff from the old buffet so I didn't waste time picking out the perfect fabric.  I just used what I had on hand.  I ripped out the nasty, and I mean NASTY, green velvet and cleaned the drawers and shelves with wood cleaner.

Then I cut some fabric and laid it down.  I didn't even attach it to the wood.

That's how it looks right now.  The rest of the stuff that was in the old buffet is still in it, but in the basement.  It's going to live down there for now.

That concludes the story of our new antique buffet.

BTW, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my life in projects' very first post!  If that's the equivalent of a one year wedding anniversary, shouldn't I be jet-setting to Mexico or Napa right now?  Yeah, that sounds good.  Pin It

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