Monday, April 22, 2013

Thrifted Doll Bed

My sister, Kris, found this doll bed for 5 bucks at a mom's sale.  I'm seriously jealous of her good find.  Although, it's perfect for her daughter's American Girl doll and at this point Charley thinks it's perfect for herself (she's tried to climb in it multiple times).  So, it's a good thing it's not sticking around here for too long.  Just long enough to paint it and add a little girly detail. 

Ava's room is light gray with pink accents.  (Pink like this vanity I painted for her last summer.)  Kris thought white would be the best choice for the new doll bed and I completely agreed.  I sprayed it down with Zinsser spray primer and then one coat of Valspar flat whit spray paint to finish it off.

I was totally inspired by YHL's thrifted doll bed makeover, so I couldn't stop thinking about using pom pom ribbon to add a little detail. 

At first I went in search of pink ribbon but I really liked the simple look of white on white.  I attached it with decorative nailheads that could easily be removed if Ava ever wanted to swap it out. 

This doll bed is totally ready for a bright, patterned pillow and blanket, don't you agree? 
Maybe Ava and I will have a craft day and she can help make the bedding.  For now, one of Charley's old receiving blankets will have to do.

I'm even more jealous of this $5 doll bed now that it's all bright and fresh and pretty. 

This before and after is the perfect example of why B.J. says if I could marry a DIY tool it would be spray paint.  Can you blame me?

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