Friday, April 12, 2013

Kindergarten Classroom: Writing Celebration

At the end of each unit I try to celebrate my students' published books in a different way.  So far we've celebrated by traveling around the room to read each other's books and sign each other's "look who read my book today" page (so they see they're writing for an audience), sharing their book with their partner, reading with another kindergarten class, reading in an author's chair to a mini audience, and writing fan mail letters to another author in the room. 

And that brings us to our most recent celebration.  We just finished a unit on writing informational books that teach all about one topic.  I gathered some books from our school library that were similar topics to my students' books.  I used them to create a new information book library in our classroom.  Each student shared what their book teaches the reader and then they decided which section of the library their book fit best.  Once every author's book was added to the library, they were free to check out books and read around the room.  Most students went straight for the books written by our very own authors.

I think it's so important for a kindergarten author to see that the books they make are just as important as the ones we check out from a library or buy at a book store.

In the midst of our celebration, one little boy looked at me and said, "It's sooo fun to read these books!"  I think our celebration was a success.

I realize most of you aren't educators so you can't apply this to a classroom.  However, if you have a little author at home you could add his/her books to your book shelf and have your own celebration!
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