Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Jumped on the Succulent Bandwagon

Don't you feel like succulent plants are everywhere lately?  On everyone's counter or wall or table or desk?  Well,  I hopped aboard the succulent train because I needed a little spring in my step kitchen.  Ohio didn't get the memo about spring until this past weekend, and I've been craving a little green in my life (and I'm not talking about vegetables).  I don't exactly have a green thumb when it comes to house plants or plants in pots.  Although, I did keep one alive for two years inside our house.  I know!  That's a long time for those of us with greenish-brownish thumbs!  Granted, I bought it from Ikea and it was living in a dark warehouse, so how much could I hurt it, right?  But, that's why I chose a succulent for my next victim, I mean plant.  The tag said it was very resilient and you need to let the soil dry out before watering it again.  Done and done. That's exactly what I'm looking for in a plant. 

When I was thrifting with my friend Asha she spotted this monogrammed (C for Charley) Anthropologie mug for 99 cents.  Our coffee mug cabinet is completely out of control and I couldn't fit one more mug in there if I tried.  I figured it would hold pens or pencils somewhere until this succulent came into my life and needed a flower pot.  Flower pots need dranage though, coffee mugs do not.  Therefore, I added some glass marbles to the bottom to catch the extra water.

And then, wait for it...I put the plant in the mug!  It doesn't get much easier than that.

And there it sits next to the kitchen sink, looking all springy.  Maybe Ohio will get the hint.

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