Monday, April 8, 2013

Family Puzzle

A few months ago I pinned an image of a wooden puzzle with family pics underneath each shape.  (It was from the blog Love Them Madly, but unfortunately I couldn't find a direct link for you.)  I thought it was a darling idea and knew I'd make one for Charley as soon as I found the perfect puzzle.  I was so happy to find one shaped like a house by Melissa & Doug.  Family puzzle shaped like a house=perfecto.

Instead of printing pics from our computer, I just used some of the instagram prints that were displayed at Charley's birthday party.  I would have liked to add more family, like grandparents, aunts, and uncles, but this is a small house with room for five peeps only.  So Charley, Libby, Mommy and Daddy it is.

I attached the photos with spray adhesive and put the puzzle pieces back on top so they would dry flat.  So far all of the edges have stayed down nicely. 

As soon as Charley got ahold of the new puzzle, she took one piece off, saw the picture and said, "who's thaaaat?".  I think she likes it! Pin It


  1. Hi Liz! I made and gave this puzzle to my nephew this past weekend and it was a huge hit! I'm also making one for my daughter. She's about 6 months younger than Charley, so I love it when you post anything related to kids! Just wanted to share! Thanks for the great idea :-) Melissa

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I'm so glad everyone liked it!