Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Kitchen Inside the Kitchen

***Update:  I added links to the recipes from Monday's Easter Brunch post!

My aunt brought Charley some kitchen furniture from her daughter's Rose Petal Cottage that she had outgrown.  It's perfect size for Charley so I couldn't wait to carve out a special nook for it.  What better place for a little kitchen than in a kitchen, right?  We have a tiny hallway-ish space in our kitchen that leads into the playroom.  Do you see the toys next to the refrigerator in the picture below?  That's the little hallway I'm talking about.

I swapped out the cash register for the new stove, sink and washing machine.  Bam.  A kitchen in a kitchen.  I completed the space with a window, aka a mirror with yarn and a fabric scrap valance.  And of course a fruit basket on top of the washing machine.  I mean, who doesn't store their fruit with their dirty clothes?

If you can't tell from the pictures, Charley loves her new space.

I should mention that part of her kitchen required a little remodeling already.  The yarn on the window lasted about .2 seconds before Charley ripped it off.  I replaced it with gray washi tape and it works like a charm.  Why didn't I use tape from the beginning?  Who knows.

Thanks, Aunt Laura and Mikayla for the fun new toys!  Next time you visit, Charley will show her appreciation by fixing you a plate of fruit, fresh from the washing machine.
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  1. Love ths little play space!

  2. What a perfect little play space! Not only is it cute (love the addition of the mirror) but it looks like she is really enjoying it too!