Monday, April 15, 2013

A $3 Foot Stool Gets a Makeover

Apparently, a thrift shop + me = scoring a sweet deal on a foot stool.  I've officially bought three foot stools/ottomans on three different occasions and they only set me back $19 total.  I can handle that.  One of them lives in our bedroom (which you can read about here), one lives in our family room (which you can read about here), and that brings us to the most recent foot stool that will probably travel from the family room to the playroom. 

Here it is before, in all its $3 thrift shop glory.

The wooden legs were in terrible shape so I cleaned them up with a fresh coat of gray spray paint I had on hand.  I actually primed them first with Zinsser 123 spray primer, and then came the gray.

This stool is for Charley to pull up on, bang on, you know, do her thang on.  So, I wanted to give it a little extra cushion.  I had a leftover foam pad and some quilt batting (score!) from previous projects (like this office chair for my friends Ben and Christina), which made the job easy.  I also used leftover fabric from the floor pillow in the playroom, so this project was truly $3 from start to finish.

After a little cutting and staple-gunning (yes, that's a technical term), the stool went from this...

to this...

(If you want/need a more detailed tutorial on covering a seat, you can read about it here.)

Are you wondering how this black and white stool fits into a room filled with yellow, turquoise and gray?  I've been busy sprinkling bits of black throughout the room, actually, and I'll be back to share what I came up with soon!

*By the way, did you notice the new category tabs at the top?  I've been doing a little spring cleaning on the ol' blog to make navigating a little easier.  I wish I could say the same for my house... Pin It

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