Monday, April 29, 2013

Paint Dipped Table Round 2

The paint dipped table I showed you last Friday has made it's way to the top of our stairs, where it will live happily ever after.  For now. 

I wanted to ground it with a rug, but a rug right in front of a staircase makes me nervous.  I kept imagining one of us holding Charley, tripping on the rug, and rolling down the steps.  Not a good image.  I ended up folding a rug so only a few inches stick out.  There's plenty of room to walk without stepping on the rug, so we should be good to go.  If it becomes a problem, I'll bid adieu to the rug, don't you worry.

I found the basket at Homegoods on sale.  I filled it with some throw blankets.  You know, just in case someone needs a blanket in our upstairs hallway.  Seems pretty valid. 

I topped the table with a Love platter that we got for our wedding, a stack of magazines, a bird (because, well, I love birds), and the glass memory jar that holds post cards from our family trips.  Above the table is our wall o' maps that I talked a little bit about here.

I love our most recent map of Ohio with a heart on top of Oxford.  Go Miami!

This area of our house is so dark and dreary, it needed something like mint green table legs and a bright patterend rug to cheer it up.  Light gray walls and white trim wouldn't hurt either.  Soon, very soon.

Oh, and how could I not mention the light fixtures.  We like to refer to them as Great-Grandma's candy dishes.  Feast your eyes on this beauty.

Yeah, those won't be staying.  In fact, you'll probably find them in the yard sale we plan to have this spring.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Paint Dipped Table

A friend of mine from work was getting rid of a sofa table, and knowing that my basement storage area is more like a used furniture store, she passed it along to me to add to my collection.  I gladly took it off her hands even though I wasn't sure what I'd do with it at the time.  She was just going to take it to Goodwill anyway, so if it didn't work out in my home, no big deal. 

It sat in my garage for a few weeks until it finally made its way to the top of our stairs, courtesy of my manly husband.  I think he was more than happy to move it out of the garage.  I sat it under our map wall on the landing at the top of the steps and I really liked it.  And that's where it sat for another few weeks until Ohio got the memo about spray painting spring weather. 

The top of the table was pretty beat up so I had to whip out the sand paper.

Of course I used my tried and true Zinsser spray primer because the table had a glossy finish.  Good thing Libby was there to give it a good inspection before the painting began.

I threw around lots of color ideas, but ultimately decided on a deep indigo blue by Valspar.  It took about three coats to cover it completely.  I loved the color but knew it needed a little something extra.  It was just too safe.

So...I dipped those legs in some mint green paint!

Ok, not really.  I didn't literally dip them in paint.  What I did was tape all the way around the leg and brush on three coats of acrylic paint.

And then, I added some fancy new drawer pulls from Anthropologie.

This might have been the hardest part.  Not choosing the actual hardware, but going to Anthropologie on a time limit.  I had to run in and out so there was no time to look around and lust after everything in the store.  That takes some serious will power, I tell ya.

Do you like how it's just chillin in front of the basement door?  Don't worry, it's not staying there in real life.
Once I drag it upstairs I'll be sure to show you how it looks underneath all of the framed maps. 

Until then, enjoy your weekend!  I know I will because I'm picking up the buffet that's on hold for me at an antique store...and I'm    It will live in our dining room and I can't wait to tell you all about it! Pin It

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fancying Up the Lamp Shades

You know how I've been adding bits of black throughout our family room?  Well I couldn't let the lamp shades miss out.  They're just basic white lamps that provide the perfect opportunity to add a little fun.  As in, pom pom ribbon fun.  And yes, this is the second time in a week that I've talked about pom pom ribbon.  Consider me addicted.

I tossed around the idea of giving the lamp base a paint dipped look but chose to start with something less permanent, a.k.a ribbon and a hot glue gun.  If the ribbon looked terrible or I wanted to change it at some point, I could just rip it off and start fresh.  Start fresh after peeling off a bunch of hardened hot glue, that is.

Let me give you the run down on how I added the ribbon to the lamp.  You might want to get a pen to write this down.  That's a joke.  Step 1: Put some hot glue on the edge of the shade.  Step 2:  Lay the ribbon on the hot glue.  Step 3:  Repeat.  It's really that simple.  It took me about 10 minutes to do two lamps, and that included travel time to return one lamp and pick up the next.

I like the change.  It's subtle, but I like it. 

(Psst. did you notice the new chevron frame?  I couldn't pass it up when I saw it at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I loved it so much I sat it there right away, without a picture inside.)

The lamps definitely stand out a little more instead of fading into the light gray walls.  Mission accomplished!  I wish every problem could be solved with a $2.49 spool of ribbon. Pin It

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thrifted Doll Bed

My sister, Kris, found this doll bed for 5 bucks at a mom's sale.  I'm seriously jealous of her good find.  Although, it's perfect for her daughter's American Girl doll and at this point Charley thinks it's perfect for herself (she's tried to climb in it multiple times).  So, it's a good thing it's not sticking around here for too long.  Just long enough to paint it and add a little girly detail. 

Ava's room is light gray with pink accents.  (Pink like this vanity I painted for her last summer.)  Kris thought white would be the best choice for the new doll bed and I completely agreed.  I sprayed it down with Zinsser spray primer and then one coat of Valspar flat whit spray paint to finish it off.

I was totally inspired by YHL's thrifted doll bed makeover, so I couldn't stop thinking about using pom pom ribbon to add a little detail. 

At first I went in search of pink ribbon but I really liked the simple look of white on white.  I attached it with decorative nailheads that could easily be removed if Ava ever wanted to swap it out. 

This doll bed is totally ready for a bright, patterned pillow and blanket, don't you agree? 
Maybe Ava and I will have a craft day and she can help make the bedding.  For now, one of Charley's old receiving blankets will have to do.

I'm even more jealous of this $5 doll bed now that it's all bright and fresh and pretty. 

This before and after is the perfect example of why B.J. says if I could marry a DIY tool it would be spray paint.  Can you blame me?

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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Not So Birthday Card Card

Springtime is filled with birthdays in our family.  I feel like it's one after the next, which is fine by me because I love shopping for gifts and celebrating.  My little cousin and my niece have birthdays a couple weeks apart so I usually end up giving them similar gifts and wrapping them up just the same.  While browsing the dollar spot at Target I found some cute little notebooks that matched the wrapping paper perfectly.  Ava and Mikayla love to write and a notebook and pen is never far away from either of them. 

I wrote their names on the front cover, a birthday message on the first page, and bam, it doubled as a gift tag and card!  Then, of course, they can continue to use the notebook to write down all of the things that six and eight year olds write down.

It's cute and functional, just the way I like it. 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bits of Black

I've been feeling like our family room needed another layer, and I finally decided bits of black would do just that.  Here's a similar view of our family room before (complete with Libby in the same spot of course).

And here it is again after I sprinkled in some bold, black and white accessories.

There's probably some fancy design term that explains what black does for a space and how it helps other colors stand out, but I don't know what that is because I'm not a designer.  I just know that our family room seems a bit more interesting now.

Let's travel around the room and get to know the new accessories, shall we? 

I've had my eye on this black and white ceramic canister from Target for a while now.  I finally snatched it up when the price dropped from $19.99 to $5.98. 

Throw pillows are one of the easiest way to add interest to a space, so I added two graphic black and white ones to the couch.

I tossed a bold striped throw blanket to the arm of the chair in the corner.

And I sat a black frame on the shelf next to the fireplace.

Finally, I put a small round rug by the door and the new (to me) foot stool by the chair.

Like I said, I can't explain the change in the room besides that the black adds another layer of interest to the space.  It also helps tie into all the black and white that's happening in the playroom, which is always a good thing for flow and what not. 

I think a more graphic rug would really complete the space.  I have my eye on this one from Urban Outfitters.  Too bad it's only 5x7.  I thought about purchasing two to make one big rug.  Anyone ever done that before?  I'd love to know how it works! Pin It