Friday, March 15, 2013

Ikea Prints

I'm not one to buy mass produced wall decor at places like Ikea.  Not because I don't like it, but mostly because I long to find unique pieces that you wouldn't find just anywhere.  However, I spotted a pack of three small prints on display and finally talked myself into buying them.  They seemed more like something you'd find on Etsy rather than Ikea.  And, they were $12 for a set of three.  I mean, come on.
TRILLING poster, set of 3, cities Width: 15 ¾ " Height: 19 ¾ " Width: 40 cm Height: 50 cm
When I created the family room gallery wall, I used a frame that used to hang in the dining room.  As soon as I took it down, I knew I would replace it with one of these prints.  

The other two needed a home, as well.  I framed one in a larger frame and used wrapping paper as a printed mat.  (Thank you, Elizabeth for the amazing Target dollar spot wrapping paper find!)

And finally, the last print is framed and hanging in the kitchen.

I guess I couldn't resist the simplicity and playfulness of these pictures.  I mean, get a load of the mustache on this guy.

Note to self:  Paint the dining room.  It's WAY TOO BROWN!!!
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  1. Oh my, I love the mustache!! You always find the cute stuff!!

  2. Another great find! You found the perfect home for the little man with the mustache...