Monday, March 11, 2013

Family Room Gallery Wall

Hi, I'm Liz and I'm addicted to gallery walls.  Somebody stop me. 

But let's back up a bit.  Remember that drop cloth turned wall art for the family room? 

Well, I've been a little iffy about it ever since I hung it up.  I knew I wanted something personal, less store bought looking, but that wasn't it.  A few people mentioned I should move it to the playroom, but at the time it didn't really fit.  But now, it does!  I took it off the family room wall, hemmed the edges to make it smaller, and rehung it in the playroom using nail tacks.  And I think I kinda like in there.

Now, back to the gallery wall.  Obviously I left the wall above the couch looking a little bare when I swiped the decor out from under its nose.  I started searching online for artwork, pictures, canvases, typography, anything and everything really, that would make up a nice gallery wall.  I was a little leery about more frames because of the empty frame collage next to the fire place.  But eventually decided to give it a try.

On a whim, I started gathering unused items from our basement as well as scraps of fabric and put together an arrangement I thought might work.  I tried to make it square-ish without it being too perfect.  I thought that shape would make it feel less like a continuation of the collection of frames in the corner.

Starting with the chevron piece, I'll move clockwise and fill you in on what I included on this free gallery wall.  That's right, I spent nothing, nada, zilch, cero dolores.  You get the point.
1.  Chevron scrap fabric wrapped around a canvas I painted but never liked
2.  My DIY fake typography that reads "Life is Beautiful" (inspired by real typography I saw on Pinterest but didn't pin).  I used a Sharpie marker, not the computer.  I backed it with a different printed fabric and put it in a matted frame.
3.  Framed post card I swiped off the playroom gallery wall because I liked how it looked with the other frames.  Also because I there's a fun thing I wanted on the playroom wall but forgot about so I needed a spot open for it. 
4.  Oval mirror
5.  Flower wall decor I bought years and years ago at a shabby chic boutique (that no longer exists and makes me sad)
6.  DIY button art that used to hang in the dining room.  I really loved it in there but I love it in here as well.  The family room won the coin toss.

What do you think?  Is it frame over load?  Hopefully not because I think it's here to stay. Pin It

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