Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Fabric Banner

Earlier this week I shared some snippets of Charley's tea party themed birthday, and one of those snippets was this fabric banner.  I'm here to give you the low-down on how this (super simple) banner came to be.  If you can cut and tie, this banner is for you!

I used a different fabric as a back drop for Charley's monthly photos, so after a year, I was left with a lot of fabric.  (I totally swiped this idea from Young House Love.)  I knew I wanted to create something special for Charley using all of her fabric and after tossing around the idea of a blanket or a tutu, I settled on a shabby chic looking banner.

First, I gathered all of the fabric and cut eight strips that measured about 2.5 in. x 24 in.  The measurements are really up to you and the look you want to have.

Next, I tied a long ribbon onto two chairs and double knotted each strip onto the ribbon.

Then, you're done.  Easy as that!

I'm hoping to find a special place to reuse Charley's banner.  Possibly in her bedroom or as decoration at her next party.  It's definitely not the last time you'll see it, let's put it that way. Pin It

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