Monday, March 4, 2013

Curtains, Chalkboard Wall & Cheap Rug

I've been speanding a lot of time in the playroom lately and I'm finally getting to the fun part of decorating.  Before I could begin seeing my vision of the playroom come to life, I had painting to do.  A LOT of painting in the form of white trim.  This has been the worst room yet with it's double crown molding, chair rail, two windows, two door frames, and the baseboard.  I was happy when it was finally time to paint the chalkboard wall underneath the chair rail because a roller was involved.  That meant I got to step away from the paint brush for a bit.  And wow, it's like a whole different space in here now. 

Here's what the room looked like before.

And some 'in the middle of the madness' pics.

And now, the after still in progress pics.

I tell ya what, B.J. and I are both loving the playroom progress so far.  The white woodwork brightens up the whole room and the black chalkboard paint is modern and fresh (can black be fresh?).  I think the changes are fitting with the overall look of the mood board I made a couple of weeks ago, however, I had to make some slight changes.

Charley's Playroom

See that rug?  That amazingly striped black and white one?  There's just one problem.  I felt it in person at Ikea and it's crazy scratchy.  Ew, it was so uncomfortable.  I decided I would bring the black and white striped look into the space with some DIY floor pillows and go with a red rug (also from Ikea) instead.  At least for now.  The rug was 20 bucks so if I ever find a bigger, softer, black and white striped rug, I won't feel guilty about it.  Even though I couldn't get the exact piece on my mood board, I still used it as inspiration for the room.  Clearly I was drawn to something red and something striped, I'm just going to make it happen in the room in a different way.

I spotted the curtains at Ikea as well when I was on my great rug hunt and I couldn't pass them up.  They're just too perfect...the color, the trees, the birds!  And for $14.99 a pair they were a great deal.  I cut off about ten inches at the bottom and hemmed them, although that doesn't seem to have been enough.  They're still a bit long.  Maybe one day I'll take them down and do it over, but for now let's ignore the length.

You probably noticed the bare walls but I assure you they won't be that way for long.  I've got a gallery wall in the making which I'll share very soon.  Pin It

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