Friday, March 29, 2013

Bonus Friday Post: A Day in the Life of Charley

I just couldn't help but pop in this afternoon to share some beautiful photographs of my little family.  Our close friend (and photographer), Ben, was in town visiting family and friends in the midst of Charley's first birthday.  He took her infant photographs when she was just a week old (which you can check out here), so it was fun having him here a year later to capture moments of our daily lives with Charley. 

This wasn't a photo shoot in any way.  Ben was basically a fly on the wall (albeit a fly with some serious photography skills), capturing all the little moments that pass by without thinking twice about them. Like Charley playing with her toys, enjoying lunch, waking up from a nap, hugging Libby, or welcoming Daddy home from work.  We do those things every day but rarely remember to pull out our camera and document the regular events, and that's exactly what Ben did for us.  I'm over the moon excited that he's adding Documentary Photography to his repertoire.   You can check out lots more A Day in the Life of Charley pics over on Ben's blog.  You'll probably want to grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable, you're gonna want to snoop around a bit.

***If you're in the Chicago area, lucky you because so is Ben Elsass Photography!  Or, if you're in the Cincy/Dayton area, lucky for you, too, because Ben has some (ah hem) great friends and family in the area, so he does photography work here, as well! Pin It

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