Friday, March 1, 2013

A & L's Playroom

A & L's Playroom

Right after I posted Charley's playroom mood board, my good friend asked if I'd create one for the playroom in her house.  Her daughters Anabelle and Lola=Charley's BFF's.  I immediately said I'd love to and I'd be more than happy to do it.  Then a thought crossed my mind...I only envision my own visions, not other people's. I know what I like and what I want to happen in my rooms, but I've never come up with a mood board for another person.  Yikes! 

Before I got started I asked Asha to give me some general ideas as far as colors and furniture she'd like to see in the room.  Hopefully you can tell from the mood board, but she said she's drawn to pops of pink and orange with touches of black to keep it modern, and she'd like to see comfy seating for adults. With that info in mind, I headed straight to The Land of Nod's website in search of a rug.  I couldn't believe I found one in the perfect colors.  And stripes!  This particular rug is pricey, at least for my standards (remember, I like things that are 20 bucks), but hopefully it can be used as inspiration.  Possibly paint a neutral, less expensive rug? 

Asha has already been busy in the playroom painting a chalkboard wall and she created a sweet book nook with picture ledges and framed children's book illustrations.  She's off to an awesome start (plus she's super smart when it comes to kid's spaces).  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how things play out in there.

And speaking of playrooms and changes happening, I'll be back next week to share some of Charley's playroom updates! 

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