Monday, February 25, 2013

Stamp Family

I'm always drawn to monograms so when I came across tables and tables of vintage letter stamps at an artifact store in Chicago, I was thrilled.  I rummaged through the piles until I found each of our first initials, an S for our last name, and the number five just because we both love it. 

(The b is not actually a b, otherwise it would face the opposite direction, but I'm okay with that.) 

I thought our little stamp family would be fun sitting on our entryway table.  I wiped all of the ink off and plopped them down on a pile of books.  I love how the metal S for our last name stands out amounst the other wooden stamps.

I wouldn't consider myself a knick-knacky person, but I do love little moments here and there of unique objects that are meanigful to us.  This family of stamps is definitely one of those moments in our house. 
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