Friday, February 15, 2013

Classroom Tidbits

I thought I'd share a few things around my classroom that my kindergartners have really been engaged in lately.  If you're not a teacher these things could certainly be fun at home with your own kiddos. 

Tidbit #1:  The "Can You Build It" Book.  I pinned an image of a book similar to this but unfortunately there wasn't a link to share with you.  Our book has images of local structures for my students to replicate in the block station.  They were so excited to see photos of all the places they had been or heard of in our city.  It's definitely been getting a lot of use from the architects in my room.

Tidbit #2:  The Observation Window.  These wicker chairs are dedicated to sitting down and observing the outside world.  My students LOVE this window.  They have binoculars and their thinking notebooks and pens at their finger tips so they can sketch and write what they see.  In fact, on any given day there will be three or four students who come to morning meeting, notebook in hand, ready to share a poem they wrote at the window. They simply list their observations and it sounds so poetic, especially when a 5 year-old reads it aloud. One student a couple weeks ago wrote:  Gray sky, dark morning, light mist, snow on the ground, no birds.  We all snapped like they do at poetry readings when he was finished reading.

Tidbit #3:  The Shell Sorting Discovery Station.  We've been talking about attributes and properties of things so I put together a new discovery station.  There are metal trays to sort on and wooden sticks to create different sections, depending on how many groups they want to sort the shells into.

Tidbit #4:  The Editor's Office.  This area came about for a couple of reasons.  My students are really interested in how books get published and how illustrations get into books.  We're in the process of investigating that right now.  We've talked about what editors do so I thought setting up this space would be perfect as they edit their own writing.  Once they're finished with a book during writing workshop they are free to visit the editor's office, put on a pair of glasses, and check for capital letters, spaces between words, punctuation, etc. 

More often that not, it's the littlest things that motivate kids the most.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love this! Makes me just that much more excited to get back into the classroom!

  2. Beautiful spaces! You have such a gift for making things look so lovely and inviting. Your students are so lucky!

  3. Wow, what a lovely classroom you have. My son is only 2.5 but I hope he'll have a teacher as creative as you when he gets to school! So happy to have found your blog!