Friday, February 8, 2013

Charley's Playroom

I feel like the playroom is in constant transition and I'm getting the itch to head towards something more permanent.  Permanent in the sense of the overall look and feel of the room, not the it's-never-changing-again sense.  The current wall color underneath the chair rail is the color we chose when the room was a dining room.  The rug is something we already had on hand, not something we chose for the space.  I added some basic things on the walls so they weren't so bare, but I always new things would evolve.  Charley is a month and a half away from turning one (aahhhh!) and she's utilizing the whole space now, so I want to make sure every inch is appropriate for her.

Here are some pics of the playroom in it's current state.

And here's my vision for it's future state.

Charley's Playroom

All of the furniture in the playroom will stay, so the big changes will happen with the new rug and paint color.  Those two things will redefine this space.  Paint is an inepensive change, but unfortunately a rug is not.  At least not for a large one.  So i'll be saving up for this one from Ikea.  The wooden tree book shelf is just inspiration.  I plan on painting a modern looking tree onto the wall and adding spice racks or picture ledges along the branches to hold books.  I'm going to attempt to sew some floor pillows for under the book tree.  Once I paint the trim white, I'm going to paint chalkboard paint underneath the chair rail all the way around the room.  I figured even if it's not used as a chalkboard everywhere, black is still a great back drop for a kid's space.  I also hope to add a gallery wall that one day Charley's artwork will be a part of.  I have big plans I tell ya. 

And, I think I just revealed a gazillion future posts...
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