Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tweaking in the Kitchen

I had a little bit of time before I met some friends for dinner last week, so naturally I stopped at T.J. Maxx for a quick browsing session.  I took my usual route around the perimeter of the store.  Handbags, shoes, home goods, kid's stuff.  I was in there for a solid 20 minutes and came out with the most random items.  String, a bamboo box, and a rug.  It's like Target.  It sucks you in. 

I've been wanting a  rug in the kitchen to add some color mainly, but also because Charley plays in there a lot.  I figured it would be a nice spot for her to bang her mixing bowls.  You know, when she's not busy "helping" me load the dishwasher.  I found this bold rug on clearance for $12 and I love it.

While we're down here on the floor, let me show you another little addition to the kitchen.  I thought Charley might enjoy some artwork hanging above her grocery store, so I DIYed some for her.  I found a set of notecards with friends having a tea party for 50 cents at Michael's.  I taped one to scrapbook paper and put it in a frame (with plastic, not glass).  I used 3M tape to hang it on the wall.  That way it can be removed without nail holes when this space evolves into something else.

Lastly, I decided to hang a second shelf on the wall next to the window.  I had been thinking about it ever since I hung the first one, so I decided to go for it. 

I stacked our white bowls and plates on the top shelf.  Now we have some extra cabinet space for Charley's dishes.


And here's a glimpse of our rug again, just for fun.

That's what's going on around our house.  If you're looking for a wintery fun activity for the kiddos, check back on Friday! Pin It

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