Friday, January 18, 2013

Tracks in the Snow

The last of the snow just melted away, but hopefully there's more to come.  I mean, we're seriously due for a snowday.  Am I right, teacher friends?

In the spirit of winter, we've been reading lots of snowy books in my kindergarten classroom.  When we read In the Snow Who's Been Here?, a big conversation sparked about animal tracks and the clues animals leave behind.  Our discovery station quickly changed from fossil exploration to experimenting with animals, snow, and the tracks they make.  Of course we aren't using real snow.  Rather, white playdough and white sand.  The plastic animals are from Michael's.  I chose the ones that actually leave a real life looking print in the snow.

It's so fun watching my kids explore the animals.  One little girl realized she could make prints with their heads, their backs, their tails...she was beyond thrilled.  The pure joy and excitement a 5 year-old shows over the smallest things never gets old.

Have a happy weekend! 
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  1. Hi Liz,
    I'm currently putting an article together for Scholastic's Instructor magazine and would love to feature this activity. Please let me know If you are interested and I can give you some details!
    Thanks a million!

  2. Fantastic!
    Let me know the best way to reach you and I'll give you the details.

    1. You can email me at