Friday, January 4, 2013

I Painted the Door Frame....

...Yellow!!!!  I say that with sincere excitment because the project is DONE.  Yellow has been a tricky color in my painting life.  What you see on the paint chip is never what you see on the walls.  Never.  In fact, I swore off the color yellow years ago when I helped my aunt paint her family room.  What was it Laura?  Four different colors?  Five?  Six, until we got the right shade? 

Well it happened again.  I was so scared of painting a Mexican fiesta in our family room, that I chose a safe shade.  Too safe, actually.  It just didn't pop the way we wanted it to.  So I went back in search of a brighter, more poppy (is that a word) shade of yellow.  I've had mixed emotions with the end result.  One minute I love it, the next minute I don't.   

One part that was really bothering us, was how the paint was sticking in parts of the crack that bordered the window, but not other parts.  It looked really messy.

I ended up using my finger to spackle the border all the way around the window.  Then I touched up that area with paint and it looked so much better. 

Oh, I also hung curtains.  I bought a pair of simple, white panels from Ikea for $20.  They were 98 inches long so I hemmed them to the length we needed.  Kind of.  One panel was not my friend.  The first time I hemmed it, it was too long.  The second time, too short.  That panel is hiding behind the big brown chair so just pretend you don't notice it, mmmk?

And now for the big reveal.  You may need sunglasses, consider yourself warned.

Let's just take a look back at what the family room looked like a few months ago, shall we?

Much less brown, eh?

Oh!  I almost forgot to share where I got my inspiration for this crazy paint project.  I pinned this image of a yellow pantry door from Willow Decor.  I loved the unexpected pop of color, but I knew I wouldn't paint one of our wood doors.  It would be different if our doors were already painted white.  It'd be easy to fix if I didn't end up liking the color.  That's why I chose the already painted door frame.

Awesome Colored pocket door

So what do you think about the yellow?  Am I crazy? 
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  1. hey liz! so weird but you entered a yhl giveaway right above me (and i'm just sitting here feeding my two girls) so i hopped over and checked out your blog. :)
    i think the yellow looks great! it makes me wish the french doors in our living room were paintable! i also LOVE the little blue hexagonal table! i've been hunting for a table like that for months and months to make an ottoman out's still out there somewhere!

  2. It's beautiful! Yellow is so fun and cheerful. And I find that it goes with so many other colors. We should have known that yellow plays well with others...

  3. I'm so glad to see this post. I have similar doors in my kitchen and I have been dying to paint them a soft mint or blue color. LOVE IT!