Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Painted Wood Utensils

I pinned this image of paint dipped spoons a couple of weeks ago from Writing on the Wall.  I couldn't help but love the happy color against the natural wood.

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I didn't waste much time looking for wooden utensils so I could do this simple project for myself.  I came across some at Target for $3 each, but for whatever reason, I decided not to get them.  I'm happy I passed them up because I ended up finding a 6-piece set at T.J. Maxx for $3.99. Thank you, T.J. for your shelves full of randomness.

I chose to paint three utensils using different shades of yellow.  I already had two shades of yellow acrylic paint so I just mixed those together to create the third shade.  It took three coats to cover them completely.  And yes, they're drying on cans of beans.

I hung them to the right of the window to balance out the yellow espresso sign on the left.  

I loved this project.  Super easy, super quick, and super cheap. 
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