Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Clutch

I ventured into some unchartered water and attempted to DIY a clutch bag out of men's neckties.  One of my early pins over a year ago was a necktie clutch that I LOVED.  The sad part, there was no tutorial on how to make it because it was just a link to buy one here.

I finally spotted some fun ties at a thrift shop a few weeks ago so I bought seven of them for $3.50.  That was all the motivation I needed to start playing around until I figured something out.  And that's seriously what I did.  In other words, if your're looking for a serious sewing tutorial on whipping up a clutch bag, you aren't going to get it here.  I barely remembered to take pictures along the way.  That happens a lot when I'm doing something that I have to figure out as I go along.  If you actually sew in real life, you might want to stop reading now before you cringe at the steps I took.

First, I laid all of the ties out and played around with how they'd fit together. I ended up alternating the direction of each tie so the wide ends weren't all together at one end.

I opted to use fabric glue to attach each tie together because I didn't want stitching to go through the middle of a tie.  Now that I look at my inspiration piece again, I feel like I could have cut the ties to matching widths and sewn them on the seam.  This is probably making no sense to you at all.  Just go with it.  Once the fabric glue was dry it was time to attach a liner.  I love when I peek inside a handbag to find an unexpected fabric, so that's what I did.  I actually used some leftover fabric from my kitchen valance project.

Once I cut the fabric to size, I sewed a hem around the edges.

I folded the unfinished end of the ties to sew a hem and just sewed the liner right along with it.

I attached the rest of the liner to the ties using fabric tape.  I actually tried sewing it first but the stitching was so visible and ugly.  So I ripped it off, picked out the tiny pieces of thread, and slapped on some double sided fabric tape.  Done. 

Then it was time to sew the sides together.  I sewed it inside out so the stitching wouldn't be visible from the outside.  Buuuuut, once I flipped it right side out, it looked funny and the flap was much wider than the bag part. 

So once again, I ripped out the stitching, picked out the tiny pieces of thread, and tried again.  This time I sewed the edges toghether when the bag was right side out.

And that was my last step.  As of now it doesn't have a clasp to keep it closed.  It's not fancy, people.  In fact, it's just the opposite.  There are countless imperfections, I need to reglue some areas, I'm deciding if I want to keep the liner on the bag part only and not on the flap, it's uneven in areas, the list goes on.  But, it looks cute!

Well that's that, folks.  If you see me out and about carrying my necktie clutch, just admire it from afar, it looks better that way. 

Have a great weekend!
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