Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Great Wall of Charley

I FINALLY got around to framing Charley's newborn pics that we've had for at least six months now.  These photographs were taken when Charley was a week old by our close friend and amazing photographer, Ben Elsass.  (Charley knows him as Uncle Benny).  She's now over seven months old, so it's about time I hung her beautiful pictures on the wall.  I've actually been waiting to hang them until I repainted the family room area, buuuuut I clearly haven't done that yet, so we might as well enjoy the photos on the wall in the mean time.

I chose a rustic wood frame and a white matted frame from Michael's (on sale).  Then I laid the pictures and letters out on the floor in the design that I liked. 

I hung the pictures first.

Then, I added the letters.

I love the mix of materials and neutral colors...wood, white and zinc (ish).  The photo that's not framed and appears to be floating off the wall was a generous gift from Ben and it's so gorgeous. 

It's crazy how fast time flies, it truly feels like we were just taking these photos.  Look at how big Charley's getting now...sniff, sniff...

And look how big our family picture wall is getting! I love it!

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