Monday, November 12, 2012

Taking the Plunge

I did it.  I finally got down to business and painted our family room and kitchen area.  I've been talking about it for-eh-ver.  Just ask B.J., he'll tell you.  It's such a process to prep the space and I feel tired at the thought of digging out my painting clothes, let alone actually painting.  That's why it took me so long to take the plunge.  Actually, what got my butt in gear, was this post over on Housetweaking.  She was talking about so many of us living with rooms that we don't like because we feel guilty about painting over the color we already painted.  True dat. 

Two and a half years ago we painted the family room in a couple shades of brown and the kitchen was orange.  I loved the colors we chose but I was ready for a change.  I also wanted a lighter color to brighten up the space.

Here's what we were working with...

I pushed all of the furniture into the middle of the room and prepped the space on Friday.  Can you see Charley amongst all the mess?

Then on Saturday, it was on like donkey kong.  I turned on Kenney Chesney's greatest hits (what else would anyone listen to while painting???) and got to work before my first cup of coffee was gone.  Two coats and eight hours of painting later, it looked like this...

It's a really light gray color called Moonshine by Benjamin Moore.  I had Sherwin Williams color match it in their super paint (paint and primer in one).  I had never used Sherwin Williams before, but I liked it a lot.  And it was 40% off, which is awesome.

Here's a little before and after in progress shot side by side.  As you can see, things have been rearranged a bit.  The tall shelves that used to live on either side of the fireplace have moved downstairs to the basement.  B.J. needs some shelving space for his sports stuff, and more importantly, Charley is on the move and those shelves were just begging her to play.  We replaced them with a white bookshelf on one side and a white chair on the other.  We welcomed the big brown chair back to the family room, and returned the other white chair to the playroom.  I have a new love for our couch and chair because it actually pops against the light gray walls instead of fading into the old brown ones. 

I love how a fresh coat of paint can change a room in an instant (and by instant, I mean eight hours or more).  I'm looking forward to making some other changes that I've been putting off until I repainted.  Can't wait to update you as the progress continues! Pin It

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