Friday, November 16, 2012

Old Frame, New Ribbon

Even though I'm going for a new look in our family room, I'm trying to use items we already own to create that new look.  With a little tweak here and there, I've been reusing old things in a new way.  For example, I changed the  fabric on the coffee table for a whole different look.

A while back I added some ribbon to this white frame to add a much needed pop of color to the corner of our family room.

I knew I wanted to keep this frame in the room, and I love the idea of using ribbon to add color, but I just needed to tweak it a bit to fit the new space.  The main accent color in the room will be yellow, so I decided to use two different yellow ribbons and some brown paper raffia.  I tore off the turquoise ribbon and tossed it in my ribbon box for future use.  Then I laid out the new ribbon in a pattern that I liked.  I went for a  simple, stripped look this time.

I attached the ribbon with hot glue and it worked really well.  Side note: I love using my hot glue gun, I think because it reminds me of doing crafts as a kid.  Mostly, it reminds me of Christmas time because we always made homemade ornaments for friends and family.  My sisters and I would paint, color, cut, etc. and my mom would do the hot gluing.  Oh the good ol' days.

So this is how it turned out. I like the pop of color with the neutral paper raffia.

Not only did I change out the ribbon on this frame, but I also changed out the piece of furniture that it's sitting on.  We used to have an orange parsons desk from West Elm sitting along side our couch.  I didn't want orange to be a main color in the room so I hauled it upstairs to the guest bedroom and brought the dresser down in it's place.

I'm pretty sure B.J. just smiled and nodded when he saw what I was doing.  I know that it sounds crazy to put a dresser in a family room, but I think it works.  Just go with it.

Overall, the room still needs lots of work, mostly in the way of wall decor and possibly window treatments.  But, so far so good!  Have a great weekend!
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