Friday, November 9, 2012

Charley's Nursery

This week's been all about Charley on the blog, and it donned on me that I haven't talked much about her nursery.  So let's all go in and snoop around, shall we?

Before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl, we painted the room turquoise, because the theme (I use that term lightly) was pretty gender neutral.  B.J. and I both love the children's book, Caps for Sale, so the color scheme was inspired by the illustrations. 

I framed six illustrations from the book that told the general story and hung them above the crib.  I was a little nervous about hanging something hard above her bed, but  I figured once she is old enough to pull herself up, i'll just pull the crib away from the wall so the frames aren't within her reach.

You can kind of see the bird mobile hanging in front of the frames in the picture above.  It's from The Land of Nod, along with the sheet and bedskirt.

B.J. and I were so fortunate to have a crib and changing table passed down to us by my sister.  She only used it for one of her kids and it was in great shape.  Had we purchased our own furniture, we probably would have chosen something white with straight lines, but I actually love the warmth the cherry wood brings to the room.  Side note...looking at this picture makes me realize how badly I need to hang curtains. But anyway, the chair is from Ikea and was a gift from B.J.'s mom and dad, and the poof was a T.J. Maxx find.  I found the table painted in the perfect color from a store called The Pink Hippo that B.J.'s aunt owns. 

The art above the chair was super cheap and totally DIY.  I framed scrapbook paper in the colors of the caps the character stacks on his head in the book.  First his own checked cap, then the gray caps, then the brown caps...I'll spare you the rest but I could totally recite the whole book.

I love children's books so much and my wonderful friends and family stocked Charley's library to the brim.  The books on the shelf below might be half of what she was gifted.  She's a lucky little lady.  You can't really see the book ends sitting on the shelf, but they are from The Land of Nod.  They were actually sitting out at the baby shower that my mom and sister hosted to collect books my guests brought.  I hung three C's on the wall, two from Joann's and one from Anthropologie.

Above the changing table hangs some DIY artwork that B.J. painted.  You can read about it here.  And hanging from the cealing is a mobile I made from a tree branch.  I wrapped some checkered ribbon (to symbolize the peddler's checked cap in the book) randomly around the branch, and hot glued some colorful pom poms, as well. 

Next to the closet I hung a bird and bird house hook that hold her very important handbags.

So that's it, Charley's nursery!  I hope you enjoyed snooping around with me! Pin It

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