Monday, November 19, 2012

Cafe Curtains

This little project has been a long time coming.  I'm talking like a year since I first pinned this image from Flower Patch Farmgirl.

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I instantly loved the rod in the middle of the window and the idea of using cloth napkins as the curtains.  On our family vacation to Hilton Head last July, I went to World Market and found some cloth napkins with a fun yellow and turquoise design.  I thought they'd be perfect for cafe curtains.  At the time, our kitchen was orange and they didn't match, so I held off on hanging them.  Now that the walls are gray and the overall look of the area has evolved, the napkins were ready to be hung. 

Here's what the space looked like before.

First, I hung the rod holders halfway down the window.  I picked up the rod and curtain clips at Ikea.

Then, down came the blinds and up went the curtains.

Can you believe those are the first curtains that have been hung in our house and we've lived here two and a half years? What's up with my fear of hanging curtains?!
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  1. The time had come to take down the snowflake curtains and I wanted something a little different on the front door. I made up these "pennant curtains.