Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Nook

Charley is 7 1/2 months old and all about exploring the nooks and cranies of our house.  She is army crawling everywhere, especially when one of Libby's dog toys is in sight.  As you know from this post, Charley's playroom is evolving and I've been trying to create a space that is functional and asthetically pleasing for a baby.  I recently added a few items to create somewhat of a nook within the playroom.

The space includes a basket of books, another basket filled with ribbon scraps that Charley loves playing with, a rug, a mirror and a stuffed owl.  I also hung the word play above the mirror with letters I bought from Anthropologie when they were half off.  I found the mirror at Target for five dollars and I saved money on a rug by purchasing a bath mat instead.  It was only ten dollars compared to the $25 rugs.  And don't worry, I'm going to put outlet covers on that outlet asap.

When Libby saw this space, she tested out the rug...

She owns the place.

As soon as Charley finished her breakfast, I put her down on the big rug in her playroom and watched her discover her little nook.  Be warned, I went picture crazy.

I would say Charley is most definitely enjoying her new space.  And she can't get enough of that mirror! Pin It

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  1. I love this so much it hurts, especially the mirror. I'm pretty sure my little guy needs a space just like this!