Monday, October 8, 2012

Ribbon Weave

A couple of weeks ago I moved around some furniture in our family room (imagine that).  I swapped out the big brown chair that matched our couch for the two white chairs from the playroom.  The two chairs provide more seating in the family room and take up less space.  The change left a lot of white in that small area, though, and it was practically begging for a pop of color.  My thoughts went straight to the empty frames hanging on the wall. 

I love the look of the empty frames nesting inside one another, but I knew I could use the big frame to create a new piece of art that would provide the perfect amount of color this space needed.  I took the frames down and gathered my supplies: the big frame, three different ribbons and a staple gun.

I turned the frame over face down and began cutting the dark turquoise ribbon and stapling it to the frame.  I placed it diagonally in a random pattern.  Then I moved onto the next color ribbon, and then the next.  Every so often I would flip the frame over and see how it looked and where it needed more ribbon.  

In the end, it looked like this.  Not bad for 10 minutes of work and $6 for ribbon. 

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