Monday, October 29, 2012

Pay it Forward/Pinterest Challenge

You may remember from this post that we're in the middle of Sophia's 2nd 40 Day Challenge.  Sarah and Timmy, Sophia's parents and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, asked if I would like to do a project inspired by Sophia to donate during the challenge. It's also time for the Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Young House Love, Bower Power, Our Fifth House, and Ugly Duckling House, so I decided to combine these two projects into one.  Challenge accepted!  (Any How I Met Your Mother fans out there???)

Sophia would be 2 years-old right now and I imagine her to love all things girly.  I decided to create a small dollhouse (ish) that doubles as a bench seat.  I used this image that I saw floating around Pinterest (originally from the Land of Nod blog, as my inspiration piece.

Pinned Image

How clever to use a book shelf as a dollhouse!  I started with a white Expedit shelf from Ikea.  My original plan was to have it sit upright so the house would have an upstairs and a downstairs.  After I put it together, I decided to leave it on it's side so it could also be used as a cozy reading bench. 

I needed to create a back to the shelf so I used some thin pieces of plywood from Michael's.  First, I taped them together and then turned them over to attach the wall paper (craft paper) using spray adhesive.  Once that was attached, I used a staple gun to secure the back to the shelf.

Originally I thought about painting the outside of the house with chalkboard paint so the child who receives it could design and redesign the windows and doors.  While I think that would still be fun, I chose to create windows using washi tape instead, which can be taken off easily and rearranged if need be.  Then I used spray adhesive to attach rugs (more craft paper) to the floor of the house.  I found some metal frames in the scrapbook section of Michael's that were perfect size for dollhouse wall decor. 

In the other room, I framed a family photo for the wall.  I started with this notecard and cut out the little family.  I attached it to some craft paper and used double-sided tape to put it on the wall.  Then I used heavy duty 3M double-sided tape to attach an empty wood frame around it that I had on hand.

Then, it was time to style the house with furniture.  Luckily, my sister had some old dollhouse people and furniture that she donated to me for my project.  It was a little tricky because there's only two rooms in this house and some of the furniture was pretty random.  But dollhouses are about using your imagination, right?!  Ok, good.  So just imagine there is a couch, a stove, a fridge, etc.

What there actually is, is a bedroom...

And a playroom/dining room.

I added a pillow on the top for a comfy place to lean when it's used as a bench.

I think this dollhouse will be perfect for a little girl with a big imagination, just like I imagine Sophia. 

How about you?  Anybody else paying it forward?  Or tackling a project that you pinned?

Update:  Check out the awesome Pinterest projects created by the awesome hosts of this challenge here...Young House Love, Bower Power, Our Fifth House, Ugly Duckling House
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  1. Cute. I really like the wall paper colors and the wall details!