Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Magazine Rack

I love magazines and one might say I'm a magazine hoarder.  I rarely throw them out and they're stashed everywhere.  I find them so inspirational and I refer back to some of my favorites regularly.  Anyway, I always have a stack of the most recent catalogs in our main floor bathroom.  I decided it was time for a magazine rack.  I loved the idea of a wire holder mounted on the wall.  On a whim, I got this wire basket out of the guest room closet (it wasn't being used) and thought about a way to use it for magazines.  Then, I grabbed some wire from my craft drawer, and I had an idea.

My plan was to attach three rows of wire across the basket to help the magazines stand upright.  I cut the wire to size and wrapped the ends around the basket.


I had B.J. come take a look to tell me what he thought.  Sometimes I think something looks fun and different when in reality it looks ridiculous.  The verdict is still out on how B.J. feels about it (I don't think he's sure if he loves it or hates it).  We're leaving it up for now to see if we think it's so fun or so dumb.  The good thing about it is that it cost me nothing to make and everything can be used again in a different way if we choose to take it down. 

So what's your opinion?  Should we leave it?
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