Monday, October 15, 2012

Chevron Love

I've been wanting to change things up in our half bathroom on the main floor for a while now.  I finally decided on adding a chevron painting that would add a big pop in the small space.  I bought a 24x30 inch canvas and drew my pattern with pencil.

I started by making a mark every four inches down the side of the canvas and every five inches across the top.  Then I decided how steep I wanted my chevron pattern to go and decided on a two inch incline.  I made marks for that part and then connected the dots.  Chevron can make you dizzy if the stripes are too small, especially on a big canvas, so I was careful to create a pattern that was easy on the eyes.  Once I decided on the measurements and wrapped my brain around where to make the dots, it was a pretty simple process.  

Next, I mixed some pewter gray acrylic paint with some black acrylic paint until I had the shade I was going for.

Then, I searched through my paint brushes until I found the one with the smallest tip.  I used it to outline the edges.  This step required a VERY steady hand!

Once the stripe was outlined, I used a sponge brush to fill it in.  I ended up doing two coats of paint on each stripe and then touched up certain areas that needed more coverage.

I love how it turned out!

This is what the space looked like before.  The towel rack was falling off the wall, so down it came and up went the new painting. 

Stay tuned for some more bathroom changes this week!

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