Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Touches of Turquoise

I've noticed lately that our kitchen needs some touches of turquoise to tie into the connected family room.  I talked about wanting to add some graphic art on the tiny wall next to the window in this post last month.  I decided to go in a DIY art direction and headed to Michael's in search of mini canvases and various shades of turquoise paint.  My plan wasn't graphic necessarily, but would definitely provide the perfect pop of turquoise.  I was after an ombre look with each canvas painted in a different shade.


I painted three coats on each canvas and left them to dry over night.  I hung them vertically, darkest to lightest.  I placed them off center because I really wanted to cover up the eye sore that is the phone jack.  Do you see it there???

Once they were all hung, it looked way too off balance.  It needed something to fill the space above the lamp so I added a light blue S (our last initial) that used to hang in our family room.  It balanced out the space and matched the color scheme, so I snatched it off the wall and rehung hung it here.

Definitely a much more balanced look, wouldn't ya say?

I have big plans to paint the kitchen and family room area a soft gray color, so I probably should've waited to hang all of that on the wall until after I put on the fresh coat of paint, right?  Shoulda, woulda, coulda.
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