Monday, September 17, 2012

Memory Jar

This project has been a long time coming, and it was so simple that I'm not sure what I was waiting for.  Well actually I do know what I was waiting washi tape.  But I'll get back to that.  When we were in Hilton Head this past July we picked up a post card with the intention of writing ourselves a little note about the vacation.  This way we can look back at it and remember some little details about our trip.  We're going to do this from now on with any trip, big or small, that we go on as a family.  So we need a place to keep our collection (of one).  I wanted something that looked pretty and would show off the items inside.  I decided on a big candy jar that we used on our candy bar at our wedding reception.

To spice up the glass jar, I wrapped it with some fun, patterned washi tape.  I've had my eye on washi tape for quite a while now and I finally came across this colorful print at Michael's.

I like that it adds some interest without totally blocking your view of the keepsakes inside.

Eventually I'd like to sit this at the top of our staircase near our map wall.  But I also think it would be fun sitting in the center of our kitchen table so we could pull out a post card and reminisce about our trip while eating dinner.  Perhaps when there's more than one memory in the jar we'll do that.
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