Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alphabet Hunt

I've been in full on teacher mode since mid August, where I'm constantly thinking about activities for school and scouring Pinterest for brilliant ideas.  I've pinned so many things involving paint chips, so while I was at the home improvement store this weekend getting spray paint, I snatched a few up.  I chose the ones with the little window in them so my kids could go on an alphabet hunt.  To begin, I wrote one upper and lowercase letter on each section.

Then, I cut them apart on the white line and put them in alphabetical order.  I punched a hole at the bottom of each card and attached them with a metal book ring.

For my students working on letter identification, they'll go on a hunt around our classroom to find the letter that matches the one on the card.

And for my students working on letter sounds, they'll go on a hunt for items that begin with the letter on the card.

Even if you're not a teacher, you could use this with any kids in your life. You could put sight words on the cards, or numbers, or shapes, or leave it blank and make it a color match game, the options are endless!

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