Monday, August 27, 2012

Storybook Art

The projects around my house have slowed down a bit since the beginning of the school year is in full effect, so I thought I'd share an old project that I love.  My sister and mom threw me a children's book themed baby shower last February and every last detail was so adorable.  The cupcake toppers were perfect-tiny books attached to toothpicks.  My mom printed images of children's book covers and folded them if half to look like tiny books.  I loved them so much that I snatched them up, wiped the icing off the toothpicks, and brought them home with me.  I decided to frame them, collage style, in the playroom. 

I chose a couple pieces of scrapbook paper in the colors I wanted and simply taped down the tiny books.  I wanted the art to pop so I chose white frames on the white wall.  However, it would be fun to tape them to white scrapbook paper and use bright colored frames as well.

I love that this wall decor was so easy and cheap to make, but even more so, I love the memories that come to mind every time I walk through the playroom.
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