Monday, August 13, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I got the honor of painting a vanity for my five-year-old niece, Ava and it was so much fun.  She is ALL girl, so naturally I painted it pink.  The first questions I get when I see Ava are, "Lizzy, do you have lipstick?" or "Lizzy, did you bring nail polish with you?"  So a vanity only makes sense for her, right?!  Ava's room is getting a mini makeover inspired by one of her dresses that's gray and white with pink buttons.  With the start of school things are moving a little slow, but I will be sure to show you how it all turns out.  For now, let's talk about priming and painting this sweet little piece.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, sanding is my least favorite part about painting furniture.  This piece was super glossy so I thought for sure I would have to sand the day lights out of it.  Buuuuuut, I didn't.  I picked up some Zinsser primer that claims it sticks to any surface, no sanding required!  Say whaaaat?

It's true, it stuck to the glossy wood finish, no problem.  The only down fall was that I didn't buy it in the spray version because they didn't have it where I went (and I'm incredibly impatient and running errands is less convenient with a baby in tow).  I was concerned about brush strokes being visible once I spray painted the color on and they definitely are.  Making an extra stop to get the spray primer would have been a smart move.  You live and you learn.  But anyway, I put one coat of primer on with an old brush that I tossed when I was done. 

Then I gave it a few thin coats of Valspar's Watermelon spray paint.

As for the hardware, I updated the existing handle with Rustoleum's bronze spray paint.  I was looking forward to finding a new handle with a girly feel, but unfortunately I didn't measure the holes and they aren't standard size.  I would have had to fill the holes and drill new ones before I painted.  Again, you live and you learn.

Finally, I lined the inside of the drawer with gray printed craft paper.

I'm excited to see Ava's vanity all decked out with makeup and jewelry.  She's going to have so much fun with this! Pin It

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