Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paint Chip Mosaics

This past week my kindergarteners have been busy discovering the tools and materials in our classroom.  It's so fun watching the classroom take shape once they arrive and start building the space along with me.  I mentioned in this post that the walls are basically bare when the students come, and everything that goes up is either made by the kids or with the kids so they take ownership and understand its purpose.  Yesterday I introduced scissors and glue sticks.  Once we problem solved the ways to use them safely in our classroom, it was time to explore.  The students worked in a team to cut paint chips into various shapes and sizes and then glued them to a piece of paper.  Ta-da!  Paint chip mosaics!  They were really noticing the different shades of each color and they worked hard to place each piece just so.  I wish you could have seen how proud they were of their artwork hanging in a real picture frame.  Later on that day we worked together to write the color words underneath each mosaic.  I hung the frames at eye level so the kids can easily see the words as a reference.

Above the Picasso quote I hung each child's self-portrait.  You can't see it in picture but they drew themselves underneath their real photographs.  They are so darling.  What's not to love about a 5 year-old's self-portrait?!  Hopefully this wall will inspire all of my artisits this year.


And just for fun, here are a few snippets of our classroom from yesterday...

Canvas bags to hold each student's books for Reading Workshop (the rest of the bags hang on a different shelf)

Math manipulatives in mini felt baskets, ready to be explored this week

One of the table's centerpieces
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