Monday, August 20, 2012

Office Space

Our good friends, Ben and Christina, scored this great chair at a thrift shop for 10 bucks and asked if I would fancy it up for their home office.  Ben is a photographer in Chicago so he spends a great deal of time in his office editing photos and meeting with clients.  This chair will provide a nice spot for his clients to sit and enjoy looking at his amazing work. When you click on the link to his website you'll notice bits of aqua blue in the text.  Ben and Christina hoped to find a modern fabric in that shade of blue for the seat cover.  I ended up finding a striped fabric that matched perfectly at Joann's.  So here's what the chair looked like before...

I love the vintage shape, but as you can see, it was looking pretty dated.  When you want to update an old piece, think about modern colors and modern prints.  Here's what it looked like after...

What a difference, right?!  So here's what went down in between the before and after.  First, I wiped down the chair and primed it with Zinsser 123 spray primer.  This stuff is uh-may-zing.  I mentioned in a previous post how I tried Zinsser primer because it said no sanding required, so I tried it again in the spray version and I'm officially in love.

Next, I gave it a few thin coats of Valspar's flat white spray paint.

Then, I moved inside to work on covering the seat.  I gathered my supplies-a piece of foam, some quilt batting, the fabric, a staple gun and scissors.

To start, I cut the foam into the shape of the seat.

Next, I laid out the batting and placed the foam and seat on top.  I pulled the batting around the seat and stapled it to the bottom. 

Then came the fabric.  I laid it out and placed the seat on top.  I mentioned before that I chose a striped fabric.  Stripes can either be very modern or very traditional.  If I wanted to traditional look I would make the stripes vertical, but since I wanted a modern look, I made them horizontal.  Once everything was laid out, I began pulling the fabric around the seat and stapling it to the bottom.

Finally, I attached the seat back to the chair.

Here's another before and after shot...

I love this vintage chair with its fresh, modern look and I hope Ben and Christina do too.  I'm sure it will look much better in their office than it looks in my garage, don't ya think? Pin It

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