Monday, August 6, 2012

Musical Chairs

Right after we moved into our current house, I found some purple, upholstered dining chairs at T.J. Maxx that I HAD (insert B.J. mocking my enthusiasm here) to have.  I purchased them and brought them home to live happily ever after in our dining room.  They looked perfect at either end of the table...until I changed the color scheme to match our wedding china.  No worries though, I just moved them into the eat in kitchen area.  Perfect.  Fast forward to now and I've changed the color scheme in our kitchen, eat-in kitchen, family room area.  You guessed it, the purple chairs don't match anymore. 

I still love them, but as you can see, they're just not working with the orange and turquiose that's happening.  Plus, we could really use four chairs around our kitchen table.  I love the idea of mismatched chairs, but these two are so bulky and the space is limited, I feel that adding anymore would be too much. 

So good-bye purple, upholstered chairs that I just HAD to have and hello Urban chairs from Ikea!

I love white chairs with wood tables and this is no exception.  It's just the look I was going for.  And even though there are more chairs than before, the space feels so open and airy.  The white is bringing some much needed brightness to the room.  B.J. was a little iffy on the chairs at first because they're plastic and he was worried they'd look too picnic-tabley, but i'm loving the different textures together (and in a few months when baby food is being flung across the table, we're going to be happy those suckers are wipeable). 

Doesn't it look like these chairs are meant to be here?  Just look at them with the white cabinets.  Love. 

And here's the view into the family room.  No purple chairs trying to compete with the other colors = a much better flow.

As for the accessories, I placed a tray in the center of the table that holds a plant in a woven basket, some orange and turquoise napkins that I already had on hand, and a ceramic cream and sugar set we got for our wedding.  I think the mixture of textures makes it interesting and keeps it cozy.

I'm seriously loving the fresh new look of our kitchen, so here's the pic again, just for fun.

FYI...B.J.'s taking bets on how soon I'll want to swap these chairs out for new ones I just HAVE to have... Pin It

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