Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blank Canvas

I recently saw a post on my friend Elizabeth's blog, Inspired Adventures, that inspired the birthday gift I put together for B.J.'s cousin's 11th birthday.  In this post she talks about how she gifted a blank canvas and a set of pastels to her daughter's friend.  I've put together many art themed gifts for kids before, but I had never thought about adding a canvas to the mix.  A canvas seems like such a "real artist's" tool and I think a child would feel so motivated by that.  Such a clever way to show a child that you take their art seriously enough to offer them a canvas as opposed to paper.

Instead of wrapping the gift in a bag like I normally do, I chose a fun, plastic box that could double as a tool box for art supplies.  Inside I tucked a pallet, a set of acrylic paints and a set of paint brushes.

I sat the box on top of two blank canvases and tied it up with a pretty ribbon.

I hope Maddie enjoys her gift as much as I did putting it together.  I can't wait to see what she creates!  Thanks for the inspiration, Elizabeth! Pin It

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