Friday, August 3, 2012

Animal House

A few weeks ago I remember glancing at a picture on Pinterest of jars with animals on the lids.  I didn't pin it but, for whatever reason, I didn't forget about it.  I figured if they weren't DIY, they definitely could be.  So I picked up two plastic animals at Michael's, along with a large mason jar (I already had the small one), and some acrylic paint.

I hot-glued one animal to the top of each jar and then started painting.  The animals in my inspiration picture were gold which I LOVED, however, these jars are going to live on the bookshelves in our family room, so I decided on orange and turquoise for the colors.  (I'm thinking gold animal jars would look so cute in our master bathroom, maybe filled with cotton balls and Q-tips.)

Here's what the zebra jar looked like after one coat of acrylic paint.

By the looks of this, I would need 20 more coats to cover up those stripes.  I quickly moved on to plan B and these jars made their way outside to get a couple coats of spray pain instead. 

I had a golden, yellowy-orange color and a peacock blue color already on hand, and it seemed close enough to orange and turquiose, so I went with it.  After one coat of Krylon spray paint that zebra was afraid to show it's stripes.  Muuuuch better than the acrylic paint.

A few coats later, I had some pretty fun animal jars!

I just love the playfulness of them and I can't wait to fill them up with something colorful.  I'm thinking gum balls, buttons or balls of yarn.  But how fun would these be in a playroom or a craft room filled with art supplies?  Or as a gift for someone, filled with cookie mix or candy?

P.S.  I've been tweaking the bookshelves and mantle a bit since the last time I talked about them in this post on bookshelf styling, so here's a pic of what's going on with them currently...

Can you spot the animal jars hanging out on the right shelf?  Ah, so fun.  Have a great weekend! Pin It


  1. Hi~where I can buy those animal toy?thank u!^^

    1. Hi Chara! I bought them at a craft store called Michaels.