Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Complete!

Last week I shared the Pinterest Challenge hosted by Young House Love and Bower Power, and today I'm ready to share my completed projects!  I decided to try out some DIY jewelry.  First up, a painted wooden bead necklace that I pinned from Laura Parke's blog, A Girl Who Makes.

I followed Laura's simple tutorial and only changed a couple minor details.  Instead of using five different colors, I chose three, one of which is the solid bead in the center.  I painted an extra bead pink in case I ever want to swap it out for the yellow one to change it up a bit.  So I painted half of each bead, laid them out to dry, and strung them on the chain, simple as that!

The best part of this project (besides the fact that it was so simple to make)  is that I had all of the materials on hand, so it was FREE!  Who doesn't love free jewelry?!

Next up, I made a hex nut braided bracelet that I pinned months ago and I decided it was time to get on it. 

There wasn't a tutorial necessarily, just some pictures that showed the materials before and after, so I just started playing around. 

I cut six pieces of hemp cord, tied a knot in the end and taped it to the table.

Then I separated the strings into groups of two and started braiding them.  I braided a little ways down and then started to add a hex nut onto each strand as I braided it.

Once all the hex nuts were on, I went back to just braiding the string and I tied a knot to secure it.

I couldn't tell from the picture I originally pinned how the bracelet was fastened, so I browsed the jewelry making section at Michael's and found some toggle clasps.  There is probably some fancy way to attach them, but I'm new to this, so I just tied one of the strings to each clasp piece and cut the rest of the strings off.  Not very professional but it got the job done and doesn't look completely unfortunate.

Then, I had fun playing dress up with my new bracelet!

There you have it, two easy peasy DIY jewelry pieces.  Who's ready to share a Pinterest project they've tackled?  If you can, submit a link to your project in the comment section so we can all check it out! Pin It


  1. Here's my project. Enjoy!


  2. Love! The wooden bead necklace is my favorite! You could even have a bunch of beads painted in all different colors and then mix and match to coordinate with your outfit! Definitely pinning this for later! (I came over from the pinterest challenge!)

    1. Thanks! So glad you stopped by:)

  3. Here is my challenge project. Enjoy! Love your jewelry Liz!


  4. This was so awesome, I shared this today on my blog as a Favorite Project from the Summer Pinterest Challenge!

    Check it out. :D


    Can't wait to see more!