Monday, July 16, 2012

Entryway Table

This chest of drawers belonged to my niece and before that I believe it belonged to my aunt.  If I remember correctly it was a light blue color and then painted pink, white and purple for my niece.  And that's when I got it.  For a while it sat in our basement, not really sure where it would make its debut.  Then I thought, "could it be an entryway table?"  I moved it there thinking it wouldn't fit, the door wouldn't open and it would look out of place.  I mean, a chest of drawers in your entryway?  Buuuut, I loved it!  So I painted it a dark charcoal color and switched out the hardware.  I wish I had a before picture to show you but this is project I did last year and I didn't document the process. 

I did, however, come across a (blurry) picture of what the space looked like sans entry table...boring!

Much more inviting now, don't ya think?

I dressed the top of the chest with some flowers, a candle, a ceramic jar and a silver tray for guests to toss their keys.  I love how much storage all of the drawers provide-I tuck all sorts of things in them, but mostly extra candles.   This chest of drawers has proven to be a perfect entryway table!
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