Thursday, July 12, 2012

Backyard Spruce Up

Our backyard has basically become Libby's playground where she thinks everything belongs to her.  And she's quite the gardener actually.  She trims bushes and digs up plants, isn't that nice of her?!  Hopefully you can sense my sarcasm.  We haven't done much to the backyard in terms of landscaping because everything we do ends up destroyed by our puppy.

Here's Libby when she was a tiny pup, already owning the backyard.
Recently we added some leftover invisible fence flags around one area in hopes of keeping her out.  So far so good so we decided it was safe to spruce it up a bit.  Here's what the area looked like in the process of me ripping out some day lillies and weeds.

Once the space was cleared out we got to work leveling an area to lay some pavers.  Our plan was to make a small patio(ish) to set our bistro table and some potted flowers.  There wasn't much rhyme or reason to our process so if you are looking for a serious tutorial on a DIY paver patio you might want to check out this post over at Young House Love.  We laid one paver at a time and eye-balled it to see if it was level with the one next to it.  If it wasn't, we would add some sand or dig out some dirt depending on if it needed to go lower or higher.  It seemed to work for us because this space is mostly just for show-it's not a real patio that will get a lot of use. 

Once all 16 pavers were laid we spread sand on top of them to fill in the cracks.

The next step in our backyard spruce up was to give this bistro table some color.  It had been sitting outside for quite some time and it definitely showed.

I gave it a good sanding and then primed it using a spray primer by Valspar.  Then I used Valspar's Peacock Blue spray paint for the color.  After a few thin coats, I left it outside to dry, and then I sprayed it with Krylon's Clear Polyurethane to protect it from the outside elements. 

Once the bistro table was good and dry, it made it's way to the patio to get fancied up with some cushions and a lantern .

Finally, we planted a mini spruce tree, a few boxwoods and some annuals for color to complete our new space.

Now, who wants to join me at the bistro table for a glass of wine?! Pin It